Monday, January 31, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. VIII

  • Guilt-trip laden Facebook posts which attempt to force us to perpetuate chain-messages, by declaring (something to the effect) that "MY friends will post this"; or "let's see who your REAL friends are". Yada Yada Yada.

  • Misplaced anger.

  • My attraction to women in peril.

  • People whose anger comes before their thankfulness.

  • People who'd rather die, than simply say "I'm sorry".

  • Religious Facebook posts which attempt to convict you for eternity, based upon the posters belief. Usually something along the lines of "Forward this message if you believe Jesus is your personal Savior; if you don't, then you're denying Him", or something along those lines. Yo, it didn't turn out so bad for Peter, did it?

  • Small talk with those I'm not intimate with. And dudes, a hint for you all. A firm handshake, a slight nod of the head, and a quick "wassup?"; and we're good to go. Maybe even a "how ya been?", followed by a quick pat on the back in passing. There's a reason I was heading in THIS direction, and you were heading in THAT one; and it wasn't to meet up. And it certainly wasn't to stand on our feet for the next 20 minutes talking to each other about stuff that doesn't matter. Short of just ignoring you and walking away, perhaps you hadn't noticed my many attempts at actually ending the conversation? 2 words: body language.

  • That normal isn't.

  • That while I'm sitting here in agonizing pain every single day, day in, day out; neither of my doctors so far want to be the ones responsible for actually prescribing anything to alleviate it. I don't like pills, and I'm not going to beg for them; but the pain is now beyond significant. Practitioner says it's up to the otolaryngologist, who in turn says it's up to the neurosurgeon; who I'm sure is going to say it's up to the cardiologist. Tell you what. I've got 80 cents, that oughta buy me a bullet; perhaps one of you would be kind enough to prescribe me a gun? Jesus Christ almighty.
Still brewing...

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