Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things That Piss Me Off - Pt. X

  • Half-measures of anything.

  • Hospital social workers.

  • Losing to people who have no honor.

  • Obamacare. Now that I see what it really means to my elderly mother on Medicare.

  • Office politics.

  • Overly-conspicuous red herrings ("hey everybody, look over there!"), and those who resort to them.

  • People who demand immediate answers for things that aren't otherwise imminently required, and don't seem to understand what it means when others prioritize; and then resort to going over your head when they're not given top priority.

  • Saint Frances Hospital, in Tulsa Oklahoma. "Obamacare" at its worst. Or is that "finest"?

  • Self-imposed withdrawal and alienation. Used to be you just had to meet somebody to make a connection. Now it seems the more people you meet, the fewer prospects there appear to be.

  • That in order to simply be taken seriously by those who would otherwise cast aside my opinions, I must at times resort to stinging forthrightness.

  • Those who carelessly tread on others, then object as to the length of ongoing tensions their actions had created in the first place. The bigger the pond, the more significant the ripples.

  • Those who preach to others about accountability; then would have us all overlook the significance as to the impact their subsequent bad choices had on everyone else.

  • Transparently thin and ever-changing rationales that wreak of bullshit; and whose purveyors would have you think are valid reasons.

  • Trying to cut through red tape during real emergencies.

  • Women who keep me tucked away, like I'm a dirty little secret. What? Am I a vibrator, or something?

I'll be traveling this coming week; I'm certain that will provide no shortage of fodder for the 11th installment of TTPMO.


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  1. How about -Rude people on airplanes? A feel up by the TSA but no after-play? Cheesers and kissers of ass, especially mine. ??

    I love your list, Bill. Shows the human you really are. It's me, don't mean to really be anon., but I don't know how yet to use this blog.