Monday, March 14, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XI

  • The airline and travel industry; more specifically the price gouging for otherwise inexpensive and nominal services. You goin' somewhere? It'll cost you 40 bucks if you wanna bring your luggage along too. Hungry? 10 bucks, and we'll let you eat this little stale sandwich so you don't starve while trapped in our flying tube. Need to check your email? That'll cost you 13 bucks.

  • Cell phone plans that reward unknown prospects, by inducing them with anywhere from a $35 - $99 dollar phone to sign up; but force reliable long-term established customers to cough up anywhere from $250 - $600 for the same phones when they finally need one.

  • And while I'm on the subject of cell phone service providers, I find it quite ironic that a billion dollar industry that relies on high tech satellite communications, can't even so much as figure out how to get their customer service people to communicate properly with their customers. I mean, really now. Ya'll should be leading the way when it comes down to the topic of effective business communication.

  • Getting dealt a crappy hand when you've got the small blind.

  • Getting dealt a crappy hand when you've got the small blind, and nobody raises.

  • Height bigots, and those who make fun of short men.

  • Intellectual dishonesty.

  • Lost luggage. Why always me?

  • Seriously thin-skinned people who wouldn't know a real problem, if it came up and slapped them in the face.

  • Medical care providers for the elderly, who approach their jobs as if it's just another job to do. It's not. When you're trying to get a skeptical elderly patient to take all those different meds, why don't you take a brief moment out of your hectic day to actually explain WHAT those meds are for, and WHY it's important they take them? Getting all flustered and huffy because an otherwise unaware elderly person has their own will isn't getting the proper message across. The elderly often require additional care; which takes more time and effort than most of us. Just take a breath, relax, and explain. There… now everybody feels better.

  • While we're on the subject, why do you continually give my mother bland meal selections (which she continually voices her displeasure, to no apparent avail so far), while at the same time giving a big bowl of spicy chili to the elderly lady at her table who suffered her third heart attack? Which of you Einstein's there is the dietician?
Still on my trip to the mid-west; I guarantee more to come soon.


  1. They all seem rational to me.

  2. Rational, as in you think I'M being rational, or the things that piss me off are rational?

  3. Hate to say it, Bill, but the bland meal suggested are like ergonomics. Make it for the mass to consume, esp when it's in a place that has a set budget.

    Doesn't matter who we are, don't tell me what to do or take without telling me why. i don't follow a General blind into a war or not canvass an area before I go there. I am an adult, treat me like one. If I am hard of hearing, speak up. If i am blind, lead me thru. If I need help, ask me if I need help.
    Your attitude helps determine mine.

    I do not check bags. If I have any I UPS them ahead. Otherwise I take a self contained small bag or two and can buy inexpensive clothes at a thrift store I can wash/wear and redonate back from whence they came.
    And protein bars that I can tuck in one of those bags.
    By the way, I don't fly no more. I tried to tell a TSA agent he couldn't touch me because of my pain in my leg, and he made me show him my leg behind a screen to make sure nothing was attached to it.........

  4. Yes, I understand the whole bland meal thing; but I think you may have overlooked the part about serving a bowl of spicy chili to a woman who'd just suffered her 3rd heart attack.