Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XXIII

  • That the couch she'd scream at my son for daring to soil with a spot, now sits exposed in the tall grass of her front yard; after (of course) subsequently spray-painting it black (yes, spray-painted).

  • Corporate suits who are just "too important" to understand the time and effort it takes to get things done beneath their hierarchal level; and who want to "shake the tree" when they don't get instant results.

  • Individuals who, despite many advance warnings, feign "surprise" when they themselves not only had a direct hand in the outcome; but incredibly even did their part to encourage it.

  • When ultra-conservative family members are castigated by fellow RW'ers who would rather pigeon-hole them, rather than allow them to speak their mind about that which is blatantly absurd.

  • Misdirected grief.

  • Modern pop-culture vampire enthusiasts who take my online comments way too seriously (and of course, delete them), when I suggest that worthwhile vampire entertainment died with Christopher Lee's final film appearance as Dracula in the 70's (and even that was bad). Jesus, lighten up a bit.  Bad television has been around for a long time.

  • Monday mornings.

  • People who turn their back on a loved one, digging holes for themselves in the process; and then incredibly whine when their former loved one isn't "there for them" when the bottom falls out.

  • The corporate time police.

  • Those who absolutely must have THE last word, every fucking time.  OTOH, though an annoyance to me, at times I find myself quite humored by it.

  • Those who convey their "disappointment" in the actions of others, when they themselves appear to have been setting a similar table.

Your station for all misanthropy, all the time.


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