Monday, March 28, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XIII

  • Motivational-type people who post incessant daily updates and happenings dripping with overly-positive personal affirmations and testimonials; to the point it makes you want to barf. Yo, there's a reason these people post like this ad nauseum; and it has nothing to do with YOUR lack of success. It has to do with them being afraid of their insecurities; in addition to their overly-inflated egos and disproportionate senses of self-importance.

  • That love has become like shooting a game of darts; i.e. sometimes you gotta find satisfaction in the uncertainty of fighting hard for a game you're in the middle of, rather than focusing on the bullseye you scored in a previous game which you lost.

  • That I still tend to ignore my mail box.

  • That if fate would have it, there are those who would insist that other miscreants who had capitalized on my (previous) good nature, would continue to be able to do so; and that all the pressure would remain on me instead of them. Get a mother fuckin' job, you worthless leeching dirtbag cockroach.

  • That sometimes I just have to mind my own business, when my conscience tells me I shouldn't.

  • Lip service.

  • That in attempting to rightfully protect my own valid feelings, I have to constantly be reminded to consider the feelings of others which aren't necessarily in line with mine. I'm getting too old for this nice guy shit; I'm more like that carton of milk that's now 7 days past its purchase date. I may be seemingly delicious today; but tomorrow I'll be sour and curdled. Drink up now, or throw me away.

  • That my mother is stubborn, and won't take her meds. It's like watching a female version of me, 30 years from now.

  • That we live in a society where the family unit has become so fragmented, that it's perfectly normal to send our aging elders into "rest homes", instead of caring for them as they had cared for us. Look at Asia and the Middle East. No rest homes; just intact families who depend on each other till the end.

  • Animals posing as humans, who can only manage to obtain off the blood, sweat and tears of others.

  • That nowadays, even a great love is seemingly nothing more than the prospect of a near-perfect game; and means absolutely nothing unless it goes the distance for the win. How do you think Harvey Haddix felt?

  • Men without honor.
More of the moronic on the way...

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