Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XII

  • Billing and accounting practices of independent auto sales and repair shops.

  • Care-facility workers for the elderly, who in an effort to make their job easier and more convenient, would intentionally mislead and confuse a stroke victim. I'm serious; this shit happens more than you would ever even think.

  • Cracking the screen on my Blackberry, after working my Texas Hold Em' chip count up to over 8 million dollars.

  • Making your own way home 30 miles from the airport on a Saturday night, when the person you anticipated would have no problem picking you up, is perfectly comfortable watching other friends of thiers sing karaoke instead.

  • Those who carelessly cast aside a valued investment, in favor of an obvious bad investment; and then insist on wanting their original investment back after they go bust on the new one. Yo, it's an unfortunate situation, it really is; but apparently you got what you bargained for. Quit whining.

  • That's there's always *one member* within a band of musician's who takes it upon himself to needlessly make it harder on everyone.

  • That before the social networking phenomenon, it was somehow perfectly normal to go 30 years without seeing or hearing from extended family members.

  • What happens to the mind of a parent, after they've suffered a stroke.

  • That I couldn't stay longer in Oklahoma. Despite the reasons I went there, I was really beginning to like it there.

  • That the half-retarded, blow-hard, wanna-be thug, man-child next door still thinks that the empty threats which continue to come out of his big mouth somehow intimidate me. And while we're on the subject, why are you still so concerned with what you would think I do with my ass? That's all you seem to talk about. Can you say *obsessed*? Closet-case much?

  • Those who would think they can sell me on some ludicrous idea that being considered second best is somehow acceptable. Don't piss down my back, and then tell me it's raining. Mama raised a fool; not a damn fool.
Stay tuned; always more to come...

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