Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. III

Friends who give your cell phone number to somebody you don't even know; and who in turn calls you on a Sunday morning with an unsolicited "investment opportunity". I mean, WTF? Am I really that big of a sucker, to where in order to avoid this guy, you gave him MY number instead? I'll not forget that one, dip-wad.

Friends who've owed you $2400 (plus interest) for the past 6 years, and who walk around town bragging about their $90,000/year jobs, and have no kids or other money-pits to spend it on - and still don't pay you.

The fact that I allow schmucks like this to remain upright, and breathing.

People who only want to discuss THEIR opinions, and somehow feel they have the right to avoid anybody elses opinion on the matter that doesn't jive with theirs - namely, mine. And further, don't have the cajones to tell me directly; but instead go thru family or friends to tell me to stop giving my opinion on their opinions. Hint: Write a fucking blog then; otherwise be prepared to back up your claims on a public forum. See that little button below your post; the one that says "Comment"? That link belongs to me; and I invoke my right to click it.

Being told I'm a nice guy, with a big heart (seriously!). The more I hear that, the less often I actually feel like it. It's not like it's ever gotten me anywhere. Hopefully this blog will change your mind. Either that, or change mine.

When my son deletes my comments. That says it all, right there. My dad never minced words with me in public; and HIS dad sure as hell never did either. 3 words: Suck it up.

Unreasonably thin-skinned people.

Friends requests from people and names I don't recognize; yet who incredibly, share mutual friends with me. Am I that anti-social, to where I literally don't recognize people that I've obviously known? Or am I in the early stages of dementia?

Gratuitous anger and/or hostility. Hey, there's nothing wrong with letting the world know how you feel once in a while; but how the hell is it possible for EVERYTHING to piss you off?  One word: "Goo-sfra-ba"

Dirtbag parasites who choose to raise their standard of living on account of the benevolence (or stupidity) of others; and then who complain to their benefactors once the bottom of their unsustainable path ultimately caves in. Hey, savor the flavor asshole. Now shut the fuck up and get a job; cuz' it'll never get better for you than this.

The fact that after almost 4 months, my Z28 is still in the freakin' body shop.

5 month winters of the Pacific Northwest, compared to the 2 month summers. I don't mind the cold; it's the constant darkness that's a buzz-kill.

Football players (especially quarterbacks) who point to God when they score a touchdown. Yo, God doesn't overly-involve himself in all that much as it is; why the hell would he care about football?  Hint: He doesn't.

False senses of moral "superiority", and feigned moral outrage.

Deep emotional scar tissue that doesn't seem to heal.
More to come…

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