Friday, January 28, 2011

Personality Assessment. Go on, give it a shot. I dare you. I'll even interpret the results.

  1. You are walking down a path in the middle of a forest. Describe IN DETAIL what you see all around you; in addition to what lies before you.
  2. As you proceed down the path, you notice a key on the ground. Describe in detail what you do when you see the key.
  3. Continuing on, you notice a big bear walking on the path in your direction towards you. Describe in detail what it is you do.
  4. You happen upon a waterfall. Describe the waterfall in detail; in addition to describing what you do at the waterfall.
  5. Proceeding onward, you come to a wall. Describe the wall in detail; including what it is that you do when encountering the wall.

Any takers?


Edited to add:
Apparently it's a psychology test, and here were my original answers:

1. It was a deep, dark forest, with a thick canopy. There were 2 shades of green in the trees; traditional forest green, and a nice light spring green. Though it was hot outside, the canopy provided relief from the heat. The strange thing about such an eco-system, there were no other signs of life within, except an occasional bird. The path was not wide, but very long. It went as far as my eyes could see into the forest, which turned into eventual blackness. The trees in their textured details were extremely beautiful, but their leaves were well out of reach due to their height.

2. I stopped, and picked up the key. I examined it closely, and then looked around to see if anybody else was nearby. Perhaps the owner of the key. Perhaps there was a house nearby to offer shelter. I then proceeded to continue walking, all the while rubbing the key within my palm and fingers, until it was very warm. I held onto it tightly whilst I continued my journey.

3. Upon seeing the bear come straight for me, I took a 90 degree turn off the path, traversing a perpendicular path to that of the bear, all the while keeping my eyes on him. As soon as the threat of the bear diminished, I again took another 90 degree turn back in the original direction I was going, but now blazing my own trail, instead of the path I was originally on.

4. It's a very tall waterfall, surrounded by rocks. It falls into an apparently bottomless pool of cool, clean water. I immediately begin climbing the rocks, until I reach the top - about 40 feet, or so. I'm out of the canopy of the forest now, so I undress in the warm sunshine, and proceed to dive out over the waterfall into the water below. I feel the mist upon my face, and smile. I proceed to re-climb again, and sit there in the warm sunshine, and take in some nourishment and reflective time, before proceeding on.

5. I chance upon the wall. It's very old, and very long - as far as the eye can see. The stone are large, and slightly moss-covered. Though it is definitely a barrier, I proceed to toss my backpack up onto the top, and then I scale the wall manually, and gruelingly until I reach the top myself. I stand on the top, and scan the horizon. I see lush meadows, and a huge undisturbed lake, with serene mountains in the background. It looks to be paradise. I toss my backpack to the ground on the other side, and quickly jump down myself - coming out of my jump in a roll, and pop up standing. I pick up my backpack, and begin running towards all that I saw.

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