Monday, January 24, 2011

A Source of Pain

Well, well, well.  After enduring for months, these damned ceaseless migraines, I finally get introduced today to The Cause.  I had an MRI last Friday; and tonight my doctor quietly prompts me into an adjoining room.  "They found something".  Wow.  Just like that.  I wasn't even prepared to discuss it yet; just got there.  I still had a hearing test to undergo before we were gonna get to THAT.  But, oh well.  Wow.  So now, gotta sit there and try and make out the faintest of sounds imaginable, all while the inside of my head whistles and hums; and now this.  Jeez Doc, couldn't that have waited a few minutes.  But...let's remain positive.  Smile.  Don't think the worst.  Fortunately, it wasn't; but it's still cause for concern, apparently.  Turns out I have a "growth of some sort" on my upper left sinus.  Over a full inch in circumference, and about an inch and a half in length.  "How long have you been having these migraines?" she asks.  I remind her that it's been about 6 months; give or take.  Visible wince.  "Well, we're scheduling you to see a specialist; one who can conduct the biopsy, and make the proper determination."  Okay now.  Uh huh.  Biopsy.  Sinus.  Don't know about you, but that sounds a tad more complex than simply scraping a basal cell on my skin.  Anyhow, guess I'm about to find out; and I hope for the best.  But I was curious as to what my doctor meant, when the last thing she told me tonight was "Coming here may have saved your life."  Really?  MAY have?  What is meant by something like that?  Maybe I'm just new to all this doctor stuff, but that doesn't sound good to me.  And I'm torn between whether I did the right thing by going; or would I be better off within the bliss of ignorance?  I've always said that I can't stand going to doctors.

Hopefully it's nothing...


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