Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. VI

  • People who don't care.

  • People who let others down in the worst way, and then complain that those they let down are now somehow different.

  • People who take delight in kicking others while they're down.

  • Straw man arguments.

  • Women from bad marriages who try to seduce you, get angry at you for turning them down; then blame you for "ruining their marriage" when their husbands find out. Bitch, are you for real?

  • That at my age, I have to at times, resort to being an asshole in order to protect my interests. Apparently word hasn't gotten out yet that I'm not the sucker ya'll still think I am. Hint: I'm not. Deal with it; but don't bitch and moan about how I've changed, when this kind of change is exactly what I needed to protect myself from you.

  • The fact that I can't seem to escape the "it's complicated" status.

  • That at times, I still have to walk around my neighborhood with a smiley in my back pocket.

  • Those who rationalize to the nth degree; and usually at your expense.

  • Vainly fighting uphill battles for people that help stack the deck against you; and then being told afterwards that you "didn't put up a fight".

  • When bad people somehow continually elude justice.

  • The prospect of neoplasia looming over my head. I hope this one disappears off my list.
Ya'll know the drill...

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