Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. IV

  • When you date somebody, and they slowly and methodically start moving personal items of theirs into your house; and then one day toss out the "swell" idea of "adorning" your home with some of their furniture. Uhhhh, that's called "moving in" - for good.

  • Guys who come sniffing around your girlfriend when you're not around. These opportunists are known to me as "mongrels".

  • Girlfriends who encourage them.

  • Fairweather "friends" working an angle, at your expense.

  • Women who scorn my lifestyle, and have the audacity to assume some sort of "moral high ground"; but only after I've avoided their numerous and solicitous advances to "get together".

  • Nausiatingly incessant and daily cardboard cut-out "positive", "feel-good" posts by *particular* people who wouldn't know what real life problems were if they came up and slapped them in the face. Yo, move out of your parents house, go try living in a van down by the river for a while; then come back and tell us all just how rosy things can be if we "stay positive" and "keep trying".

  • People who need something from you, promise to pay their own way, decline to do so as soon as they've got what they want; then go off on public tangents with rants about "The nerve of some people". Bitch, please. You wanna talk "nerve"? Take a look in the mirror.

  • Having to fast for 12 hours before a morning medical appointment; and then being told by your boss right beforehand to move it to after business hours that day, because we're short-handed today. Great. Just went from 12 hours, to a 21 hour fast.

  • Being told by doctors that you have a *unique* way of thinking and processing information; but that it's "okay", and that "there's nothing wrong with that". Great. Now ya'll made me feel like Rainman.
As usual, stay tuned...

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