Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XIX

  • A mutually and eagerly anticipated first date, which becomes a lesson in the realization that scores and scores of countless Facebook pokes just can't replace chemistry.

  • Awkward social situations that you're expected to take part in, when you'd rather not.

  • Being a nice guy, when you'd rather not be.

  • Citing biblical scripture within the exact context in which it was authored, and then being told by a religious person that you're citing it out of context, because it doesn't fit within the dogmatic preconception which they were trained to accept without question in the first place.

  • Last nights grocery bill. I know I indulged in a 6-pack of Hornsby's Hard Cider; but how the hell did I spend 35-40 bucks more than usual, and come home with less?

  • Men who gloat at a poker table. That should be Man Commandment #11. Men who do this should be severely bitch-slapped.

  • Neurotic women who let others corral them into things they wouldn't otherwise do, and then want you there as some sort of rock to fall back on when the music's over - when they could have just fucking said "NO" to begin with. Yo, you're sweet; but I don't do that gig anymore. Chalk it up to experience; apparently you needed some. Now take a Prozac.

  • While being surrounded in a virtual sea of women, the one you would choose, and are most compatible with needing to keep you at an occasional arms distance. Schopenhauer nailed it.

  • That the only way I can foresee getting my son to do his dishes is by giving him a stack of paper plates, and a garbage can.

  • Those who manage to live rent free, and still somehow think that household chores should be distributed equally. Are you fucking kidding me?
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