Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XX

  • 1/3 lb. "gourmet" burger joints. They ain't all that. Merely an expensive snack; I make and dress bigger burgers at home.

  • Burger joints that charge for extra condiments.

  • Cold wind and cold rain on June 8th.

  • Commuters who complain about missing a bus, because it arrived 5 minutes early. Yo Einstein, first lesson in Bus Riding 101 - don't wait till the last minute, and read the fine print on the bus schedules. Try getting their 10 minutes early and you'll always be covered; whether the previous one is 5 minutes late, or the next one is 5 minutes early.

  • Deep fried oysters. They're otherwise yummy; but there's the prospect of nuclear-hot oyster juice beneath the surface of the breading, just waiting to be released somewhere upon your face.

  • Helping someone who needs a "quick favor" on a beautiful weekend day by helping to go pick up a free playhouse for their kid; and finding out it weighs 600 lbs., is 12 feet tall, and you spend the rest of the day dismantling it board by board, just so you can offload it from the truck.

  • And while we're on the subject, paying (out of your pocket) the driver the 30 bucks needed for his delivery and gas needs, and an additional 30 bucks for 1/2 inch rope to secure the monstrous playhouse - and still not getting paid back yet.  That's a hell of a favor for a "free" playhouse.

  • NBA playoff hype. Who the hell cares? The NBA is lame; I'd rather watch hockey.

  • Speculators who somehow see their way past my disclaimer. Yeah! You made it for certain into my blog this time! Now remember… "meant for entertainment".

  • This damn bleach hi-lighted double mohawk. Blatantly ridiculous. I'm pushing 50 for chrissakes; not 15. It's gotta go...
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