Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh The Irony! (Or is it just me?) - Pt. I

  • An organization known as "San Diego Rock to Stop Violence" seeking to raise funds, by auctioning off a signed Muhammed Ali boxing glove.

  • From the "Surely Sexualizing Young Women Has Never Led to Violence" Dept.: While we're on the subject, the same organization objectifying and sexualizing anorexic-looking young women, by holding an "open model casting" at the same benefit.

  • A young mother with overly-active tykes, taking them to McDonald's in the hopes of tiring them out, and readying them for a nap. "Here, eat your breaded processed chicken parts dipped in high fructose corn syrup, drink your soda, and go play in the balls." That should do the trick.

  • An overly outspoken teenage boy who publicly dishes dirt on everyone, instructing somebody on his Facebook page to "stop snitching".

  • A disgraced cheater, referring to the women now interested in her ex, as "whores".

  • Anthony Weiner. No explanation necessary.

  • Conservative columnists advocating limitations on freedom of speech and expression, who are paid by organizations whose very existences are owed to freedom of speech.


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