Monday, April 18, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XV

  • Chislers, welchers, and deadbeat scumbags.

  • Distance, when it's not desired.

  • Dry, time-consuming meetings which pull dozens of people away from their work at the same time.

  • While we're on the subject, people who give presentations at dry, time-consuming meetings; and aren't creative or articulative enough to do anything other than read directly off of what's already on the presentation screen. Seriously, you want us to learn something here? Then don't read word-for-word off the screen as if we were 4-year olds getting ready for bed. What a complete waste of time! Consider instead telling us what you're going to talk about; then talk about it WHILE you refer to the slides. Then summarize, by telling us all about what you just told us. Voila'! We all just learned something, and you just made it worth our collective time.

  • Having to resort to doing other peoples dishes; not that I've always been completely innocent. But when I'm still paying ALL the bills as well?

  • Misplaced expectations.

  • 1% milk.

  • Overly-critical people who disparage every single thing specific individuals do and say, no matter what.

  • Smart-asses who don't know the *proper ways* of being a smart-ass. It's part science, part fine-art.

  • That GED's have become so heavily depended upon at large, by our society. Whatever happened to just about everybody going to school all the way thru highschool, and then graduating? I briefly discussed John Hancock today; and I swear, some people thought I was alluding to masturbation.

  • The fact that it's the 3rd week of April, and Spring is still nowhere to be found up here in the Puget Sound.

  • Unknown reasons behind continued periods of self-isolation.
The rants continue...

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