Monday, May 16, 2011

Things that piss me off - Pt. XVII

  • Having to process paperwork for business partners all afternoon on Easter Sunday, because they all decided to wait until the weekend to submit their requests for assistance for paperwork that they needed - TA DA!... on Sunday.

  • People, who as if they were talking directly to you, engage in 5 minute detailed conversations with your voicemail system.

  • And speaking of which, office voicemail systems that won't allow you to "press 7" until you've listened to the entire message first.

  • Being on a date, and having a (now careworn) ex-girlfriend from years ago proposition you to go home with HER; only to realize she's looking for a sucker to pay off her crack debt for the night. Then upon turning her down cold, having her throw the "I thought you were my friend" card. Bitch, are you for real? Sorry, but last time I looked in the mirror, I don't recall seeing the words "fucking gullible dumbass" stenciled on my forehead.

  • Mid-May. Still cold; still raining, still dreaming.

  • Unrealized selfishness. Others, not your own.

  • Receiving a booty-call on a work night, when you've been up for 17 hours; and her not "retiring" for another 6. At my age, that can give the *wrong* impression.

  • That the nature of life-systems is such that emotional and physical desires can never truly be fulfilled.

  • That much like a dog chasing its own tail, purposefullness is a circular endeavor. What does everybody want; everybody seek? Happiness. What is the one that that most people aren't - even those who are "well off"? Happy. Just stop worrying about it, people. Simply… be.
Been a while; hopefully it will be a while longer...

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