Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're all rats, just pressing on levers, waiting to be rewarded with pellets.

Placebo buttons.  Ever heard of the term?  You should have; because they’re everywhere.  Buttons do “our bidding”, because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to think.   For instance, how many of you press the “close door” button when you get on an elevator?  To those of you who do, I want you now to imagine getting on an elevator, and NOT pressing the button.  Just stand there, and look at it.  Wait for the door to close by itself.  Feel that little twitch?  You’re conditioned, just like a lab animal.  Now, how many of you were aware that the “close door” button only works for emergency personnel and workers with that special little key that goes into the key lock you see right above the button?  But ya’ll go ahead and press away, so you can continue obtaining that special little chemical rush you’re all so fond of.  And how about crosswalks at intersections?  How many times in recent memory have you found yourself continually depressing the button?  You know… standing there idle; impatient, and not knowing what to do with your hands?  “Hurry up, light!”  How many of us in that impatient mode continue to depress the button; as though it will magically trigger the light to change.  There used to be a time in history, where those little buttons actually did trigger lights to change; but they’re all run by timers and computers now.  There’s still a few functioning ones here and there; but extremely rare to find.  Do you know why those buttons still exist?  Because not only does it keep you calm; it would cost a ton of money to remove them.  So go take a break, and buy yourself a snack and a soda.  You’ll feel better.  Plus, you’ll get rewarded by pressing a couple of buttons.  It will all be better.

Your station for all misanthropy, all of the time.


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